Velebit photo safari

A full day, off-road driving adventure through the southern part of Velebit.

Get to know the Velebit Nature Park, feel untouched nature, and enjoy the beauty of the landscapes rich in various karst landforms. 

From the hills enjoy an incredible view of the Adriatic Sea and numerous islands along the coast.
Short-distance off-road rides alternate with breaks for short walks, taking photos and refreshment. Our guides will teach you about the life of a shepherd in ancient times, about some interesting facts of Velebit and more…
Unique, slightly harsh landscape and a stay in untouched nature will provide you with unforgettable moments and relaxation.
Since it is not physically demanding, the trip is suitable for all ages.


Cycling is perhaps the best way to get to know the surroundings, its remote villages, untouched nature or hidden karst rivers. Dare and go uphill to the lookouts overlooking the Adriatic Sea and islands, walk along a trail at the foot of the Velebit. 


Row! Explore the coastline, find secluded beaches! Discover the Zrmanja river canyon! Spend a day canoeing down rapids and falls of the Zrmanja river. Float leisurely down the river and enjoy the peace and beauty of the Zrmanja Canyon. If you want to join us on a kayak tour, we suggest taking a few easy sea kayak tours, and if you want to try rowing yourself, we offer quality sea kayaking equipment for rent.


Paklenica National Park has over 150 kilometres of maintained hiking paths and trails, ranging from easy tourist trails to those more demanding that lead to the Velebit peaks (Vaganski vrh 1,758 m and Sveto brdo 1,753 m). There is a wide range of attractive locations accessible by maintained educational trails (Mirila, Terezijana, Premužićeva staza / Premužić's Trail) in the wider Velebit Nature Park area. Hiking maps are available at all info points in the Paklenica Riviera.


Paklenica National Park is one of the best-known climbing destinations in Europe. The vertical cliffs of Velika Paklenica canyon, over 400 metres high, are located at the very entrance to the Park and are only 2 km from the coast. For this reason, Paklenica is a favourite with climbers with families. A frequent sight is a baby sleeping peacefully in a baby carriage, or a part of the family enjoying the beach, while the others climb. Expert climbing guidebooks are available at the Park Management building at the Park reception.


Rafting on the wild rapids of the upper reaches of the Zrmanja River will leave even the most experienced adventurer breathless. When the water levels are lower in the summer months, there are organised kayak and canoe expeditions.


Get a glimpse the subterranean world of Velebit! A karst area, Mt. Velebit has an abundance of caves, and expert guides are available to take you on a speleological adventure. We absolutely recommend you visit Manita peć cave in Paklenica National Park, and the Cerovačke pećine (Cerovac Caves) near the town of Gračac, both protected geomorphological natural landmarks equipped for tourist excursions. There are other caves accessible to visitors; attractive due to the variety of forms and the wealth of stalactites and stalagmites and other cave formations.

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